Wednesday, July 11, 2012


What is my life? Who am I? Why am I here? 

Some people call these fundamental questions of life. But they are not, really. While it is important to know why we are here; who we are as a person, a daughter, a wife, sibling, parent, etc., we need to rephrase the question. 

There was a tiny flower I happened to observe while in the woods. From a distance, there are hundreds of these tiny white flowers. They are in a place where no one will likely see them. But when we pick one, and hold it close, we notice a few things we couldn't see from afar. The bloom, which looked white from a distance is actually striped pink. It is obvious that it is giving all its strength just to bloom. But why? 


I mentioned that it was in a most secluded place. So why is it giving away all of its time, talents and beauty for nothing? Because it is here to praise the Lord! It never asked God why it was here. Why no one was noticing it. Why it was here when there are hundreds more to praise Him, serve Him, and to bring Him glory. Soon it will wither away and die and no one will remember it, but yet it was not here to bring glory to itself; but to the One Who made it.

As a bud, it never asked, "What will I do? What will I become? What is the will of God for my life?" No, it did not ask these questions, it just grew in beauty, strength, and lived its life to the fullest. Do you know which direction it grew? Up! Straight toward heaven. 

But now, because I picked it, its life is over. Its mission and calling was to show me a lesson. But that little flower had a lot of growing and maturing to do before it could accomplish its big assignment.
We too have a great assignment to fulfill; a destiny if you will. But to fulfill it, we must first grow and mature. We may have several things He wants us to accomplish, but we have our own growing to do. 

So why are we here? To grow up, live for self, get what we want, do what we want get glory, make money, then die? 

No. We are here to give glory, not for ourselves, but for the One Who made us and gives us our every breath. That in itself is an amazing existence, my friend. 

Who will you give glory to and live for today? 

Who are you, but one tiny beautiful flower, serving Christ with all your strength.