Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Storm Warning

Last week, the county in which we live was hit with a really bad storm. Trees were down everywhere, power outages in a few areas, and power lines laying in the road. It was a bad one.

As the storm silently approached, my mom, younger siblings, and I were at the county fair with friends, enjoying ice cream and great fellowship. My older sister was with a friend, my next younger sister was at home, and Dad was at work. We were all spread out, which is unusual for our family. 

While talking, I casually told mom know I was going to get a drink. When I returned a few minutes later, I discovered my family was gone. I walked around the building, and, upon seeing no sign of them, searched the surrounding area several times. Still, no family. Thinking they may have walked passed by me and started toward the van as the storm was brewing, I headed in that direction. I walked around the circular walk that spans the fair, then I had the idea that maybe they had gone to the bathroom. Finding no trace of them there, I just waited, having no further ideas.

I happened to be standing near a radio station booth that was blaring music. Suddenly, the music was interrupted by a loud beeping sound. The announcement warned of a severe thunder storm with 60 mph winds that would be sweeping through our area within 10 minutes. People were admonished to seek shelter as quickly as possible. With this new information, I began to grow a little panicky. I am not afraid of storms, because I know God controls the weather. But I was worried my family wouldn't know. If I didn't tell them, who would? And who wants to go through a bad storm with no familiar people around you?

With a sense of urgency, I resumed my search, going around the path two more times. I saw people who seemed to know of the impending storm, as they were packing up and tying down tents.

Others who didn't know seemed to continue enjoying the afternoon, ignoring the approaching black clouds in the west. I overheard someone mention to another person that we might be getting some rain, so I briefly stopped long enough to say something about the upcoming storm, but quickly hurried off, not really caring if they knew the warning to get to safety or not. Finding my family seemed more important to me. I passed a few people who were reading newspapers, books, and looking at their phones very casually. I almost told a few people, but I figured when the time came someone would perhaps tell them. I was too busy. 

I had been praying the whole time that God would please help me find my family, and finally He told me to go to the van. On the way, I found our friend, who confirmed that mom and the children had dashed off to the van. I was reunited with my family as the wind started to pick up and blow dust and trash everywhere. As we got into the van (Mom needed to put the van windows up), I told her we needed to get to a building, because this was going to be a bad storm. So we all dashed back to the fair and into the nearest building. There were people there who had dashed in, and everyone was grateful to be dry and safe. The storm lasted a while, but my siblings and I played games as I tried to occupy them so as to distract them from the weather.

As we were driving home, there were trees down everywhere, branches littering people's yards and the road. We had to take another way home because a tree had fallen onto a power line. We found a few more trees and branches on the road the way we ended up going home, and accidentally ran over a power line. (We are  okay though. It was not a shocking experience thankfully!:)) 

As I arrived home, and the initial excitement of sharing stories with my other two sisters and my dad about how we "survived" the storm, I went upstairs and sat thinking on my bed. It seem the Lord was revealing a hidden meaning in the experience.

You see, I was like your typical Christian. I had been warned of the impending danger of Hell, and I heeded it. I ran to Jesus Christ for my salvation, and I knew I was going to Heaven, therefore I was in no danger. But what of my family? Who would warn them? I was so busy with life, that I didn't have time to tell anyone. I thought about it, they would probably just laugh. Why should I? I was busy, and besides, someone would tell them, wouldn't they? 
After escaping Hell, and going to Heaven with my family, I wonder what Jesus would say to me. I am sure it would not be, "Well done my good and faithful servant." 

God has commanded us to tell the world. But I think Christians, especially Americans, have become so complacent in our lives, that we just don't have time any more for God's work. I mean, isn't that for pastors and preachers, missionaries and nuns, and great evangelists, like Billy Graham, and Brother Andrew?

Think again, my friends. I will be the first to say that this realization hit me right between the eyes. I have been  hit with this epidemic that we Christians have been sucked into. As each generation comes and goes, the epidemic is growing worse. We need a revival. We need to a great awakening. People are dying every second. Who will tell them? Who will give them the warning?

Consider yourself warned. Go tell others, before they get caught in the fury of Hell, and God's holds you accountable for their blood on your hands.

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When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, now speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.                                                                                                                             Ezekiel 3:18